Introducing the New and Improved PFPS Voucher Bill Tracker

Public Funds Public Schools has redoubled efforts to provide public school advocates with as much information and support as possible in the fight against privatization. With many state legislative sessions in full swing, the interactive bill tracker on the PFPS website makes it possible for visitors to monitor proposed private school voucher legislation of all types, plus related bills, across the 50 states and the U.S. Congress.

Now, website visitors can access a new and improved version of the PFPS bill tracker. The updated tracker offers a more user-friendly interface and enhanced visual display. It allows users to conduct more targeted searches for bills using custom, PFPS-assigned categories. The categories indicate whether legislation proposes a new voucher program or a change or expansion to an existing program, if a bill is connected to the COVID-19 pandemic or the state budget, and whether legislation provides vouchers that can be used for homeschooling, among other topics.

The new search feature can also be used to filter for legislation based on voucher program type (tax credit, education savings account, traditional) and/or eligibility criteria (e.g., income requirements or specific student characteristics). Users are also now able to easily download their search results by clicking "Download CSV."

“The updated bill tracker is a crucial tool for public education supporters and allies,” said Nicole Ciullo, Research & Policy Associate at Education Law Center, which supports the PFPS campaign. “Not only have we improved the user experience, but now public education advocates can delve more deeply into trends in voucher legislation around the country.”

The bill tracker continues to allow users to search for bills, by number or keyword, that are introduced in a specific state legislature or in Congress. The tracker contains all the voucher bills PFPS has tracked across the country from 2019 through the current legislative session. Clicking on a specific bill provides extensive information, from a brief description to sponsors, amendments, bill status, and PFPS’s own summaries of bills that have advanced furthest in the legislative process.

The bill tracker is updated by PFPS staff every Friday. If you believe a voucher bill introduced in your state is missing, or if you need additional information regarding a bill, please contact PFPS at [email protected].

Click here for a brief demonstration of how to use the bill tracker.

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