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Across the country, educators, parents, students, advocates, and other stakeholders are fighting to keep public funds in public schools. Opposition to private school vouchers takes many forms, including litigation, policy and grassroots advocacy, and research. PFPS strives to assist local, state and national partners and networks in their efforts to monitor legislative developments, analyze voucher proposals, and take action to defeat those proposals.

Advocates at the local, state, and national level have been successful across the country in their efforts to stop vouchers.

Here are just a few examples of advocacy campaigns PFPS founding partners have participated in:

In Arizona, a grassroots group of public school supporters, Save Our Schools Arizona, challenged the state’s universal private school voucher scheme by collecting well over 100,000 signatures to put the new expanded voucher on the ballot. Proposition 305, as the ballot measure was known, was defeated handily in November 2018, successfully blocking a massive expansion of the state’s voucher program. PFPS supported Save Our Schools Arizona’s efforts.

In New Jersey, between 2010 and 2017, former Governor Chris Christie proposed the establishment of a publicly funded "scholarship" voucher program through legislation and, when that failed, through the State Budget. Education Law Center led a broad coalition of education, children’s rights and civil rights advocates and organizations to defeat these proposals.

In Nevada, Educate Nevada Now (ENN), a nonpartisan education policy organization, with the support of Education Law Center and Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, fought that state’s unlimited Education Savings Account voucher program. ENN supported successful litigation against the program, through outreach to the public and press, town meetings and rallies.

In New York, the Alliance for Quality Education, a statewide advocacy organization, working with Education Law Center and others, defeated a tax credit voucher proposal in the state legislature, which would have reimbursed millionaires and billionaires for their donations to private schools.

Between 1966 and 2018, voters have defeated 30 state referenda that would have diverted public funds to private schools. In fact, these referenda, on average, were defeated by a 2 to 1 margin. Grassroots advocacy works!

For assistance with advocacy to keep public funds in public schools, contact PFPS.

Coming soon to the PFPS website: an interactive legislative tracking system for up-to-date information about current voucher proposals at the state and federal level.

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