Did You Miss Recent PFPS Webinars? They Are Now Available Online!

Public Funds Public Schools (PFPS) recently launched a webinar series on timely topics related to private school vouchers. You can now access recordings of these informative presentations on the PFPS website.

The first installment in PFPS’s webinar series, “Public Education: The Cornerstone of Democracy,” featured Professor Julie Fisher Mead from the University of Wisconsin. Her presentation provided a concrete framework for discussing the values and principles that make public schools so essential to a strong democracy, as well as the tools for describing and defending those values. Professor Mead also discussed the implications of school privatization on anti-discrimination protections for students.

The second PFPS webinar, “Education Savings Account Vouchers Explained,” featured Professor Luis Huerta from Teachers College, Columbia University, and Professor Kevin Welner from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Professor Welner is also Director of the National Education Policy Center, which co-sponsored the event. The webinar focused on the history of vouchers in the United States, how conventional vouchers evolved into Education Savings Account vouchers (ESAs), and their impacts on students and schools. This webinar is particularly timely as there have been recent calls for ESAs from voucher proponents during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Secretary DeVos’ proposal for “microgrants” funded with federal stimulus dollars for education.

In addition, PFPS team members from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Education Law Center recently joined Ray Sanders, host of The New Orleans Imperative, for a radio interview about PFPS’s current work, the state of public education in New Orleans, and the impact of expanded school privatization on students and communities after Hurricane Katrina.

PFPS was also featured in a discussion of voucher legislation across the United States as part of Save Our Schools Arizona’s “Speaking of Schools” series.

Recordings of these programs, as well as additional webinars, fact sheets, and policy briefs, can be accessed here.

The next PFPS webinar will be held on July 23 at 3 ET, featuring Professor Preston Green of the University of Connecticut to discuss the civil rights implications of private school vouchers. And on August 6 at 3 ET, Steve Suitts, author of Overturning Brown: The Segregationist Legacy of the Modern School Choice Movement, will discuss this important new book with Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton. Sign up here to receive registration info for upcoming PFPS webinars, as well as updates on newly added advocacy tools.

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